"Ultimately, users visit your website for its content. Everything else is just the backdrop. The design is there to allow people to access the content."
-- Jakob Nielsen, from his book: Designing Web Usability.

"Make it as simple as it needs to be. But no simpler."
-- Albert Einstein

"You're off to Great Places!
Today is your day!
Your mountain is waiting,
So... get on your way!"
-- Dr. Seuss

"And will you succeed?
Yes! You will indeed!
(98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed)"
-- Dr. Seuss

Custom Database Website

Website With A Database

source_php I can develop a front-end website with a custom database working in the background. This type of website will be dynamic, it will allow interaction with visitors and provide them with fresh and relevant information.

A website paired with a database is dynamic, it can provide content and information based on interaction with its visitors. A website with database is a powerful combination and such a website has unlimited uses and applications. No longer is the content shown on the website's pages static, a dynamic website that connects to a database is able to change and adapt what information is shown to visitors.

The Website And Database Will Be Designed And Developed Uniquely To Your Particular Needs And Purposes

Why Have A Custom Database Website?

database-3 A Custom Database Website will improve your visitors experience at your website by providing them with more useful content. You will be able to add, change, or delete the information kept in the database as you desire - you won't have to rely on a website designer (Such as me!) to do this. Once the database and the website are designed and developed to blend together (You will need a website/database developer for this.), then you can change the content that appears on the database-enabled web pages by adding that content to the database.

For example, suppose you have a website that lists your grandmother's famous recipes because you want to share with the world just what a wonderful cook your grandmother is. A Custom Database Website would store all of grandmother's recipes in a database. These recipes could be then displayed to visitors in a number of ways.

address_book A default view of grandmother's recipes might show the recipes from the most recently added to the last added recipe. Another recipe display might list all of grandmother's cake recipes, another recipe display might show all of her soup recipes, while yet another might show all of grandmother's casserole recipes. When a visitor selects types of recipes from a navigation menu, or performs a search for certain recipes that match a search keyword, then the appropriate recipes are gathered from the database and displayed for the visitor to see and print.

The grandmother's recipe Custom Database Website will dynamically change what recipes are shown on its web pages based on requests (navigation menu choices or searches) made by its visitors. Website visitors are able to interact with the website and its database and find the recipes that she or he is interested in. As the administrator of the database, you will be able to add, edit, or delete grandmother's recipes as you (Or grandmother!) desire.

How Can An Online Database Can Be Used?

Databases are used to store information and they can organize that information into categories. The number of ways that an online database could be used to store and display information dynamically is uncountable. After all, just think how many different types of information there are!

Here are only a few ideas of how an online database could be used:

  • Look up a zip code for a city, or the zip codes for a state.
  • Show visitors fresh and constantly updated content, like news and announcements.
  • Display current sales or specials.
  • Provide an online catalog searchable buy name, type, product ID, color, size, style.
  • Let customers search for store locations by city, state, zip, or other criteria.
  • Keep records of employees, customers, supervisors, products.
  • Provide customer service by displaying online help based on visitor selected topics or searches.
    • Answer information requests.
    • Technical support.
    • Product description and specifications.
    • Provide setup, assembly, use, instructions/information for products.
  • Randomly display advertisements, banners, or promotions to visitors.
  • As an online address book and keep name, address, email, and phone numbers of friends or clients.
  • Keep a "widget" collection in the database and display or organize by style, color, size, category.


database-1 Each Custom Database Website is unique. The website will be designed to your needs, and the database will be developed for your particular purposes. A Custom Database Website is not an "out of the box" endeavor. We will work together to determine what your Custom Database Website will do. After we have a foundation and a plan, then I will develop the website and database.

As I work on your Custom Database Website, we will regularly communicate so that it turns out just as you want it. As each Custom Database Website project is unique, some will require more development and effort to create than others. I will give you a price for your Custom Database Website based on what it will require for me to develop your particular Custom Database Website. Please Contact me so we can begin work on your Custom Database Website.

Do you already have a website but would like to make it dynamic by adding a database? That can be achieved. Please Contact me so we can discuss adding a database to your current website.

Your Off-Site Website Department

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Jonathan R. Allen Web Design can be your off-site Website Department and handle all the website geeky gobbledegook for you. I'll save you the website headaches.

Do these kinds of things sound like website geeky gobbledegook to you?
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geekIt's enough to give you a headache. I can help you with the website geeky gobbledegook. Let me have your website headaches. Jonathan R. Allen Web Design plans, designs, develops, and manages effective websites, WordPress blogs, and custom database websites from start to finish for business, organizational, or personal needs. Hands-on personal attention, and exceptional customer service, are cornerstones of Jonathan R. Allen Web Design.

By establishing a close web designer and client relationship, my mission is to provide you with professional design and development services. My objective is that your website be effective in achieving your statement of purpose, in accomplishing your online goals, and successfully communicating with your visitors. Your time is valuable and designing, developing, redesigning, and maintaining a website of any type or size is not trivial work. I can be your off-site Website Department and save you time, and all of the other website headaches and chores.